Hayden Design Associates, Inc. Overview

Hayden Design Associates (HDA) is a woman owned, award-winning design firm specializing in interior planning, interior design and interior architecture. Growing from strong roots and a tradition of excellence, HDA has over 24 years of experience in diverse corporate, financial, medical, hospitality/retail and church projects. HDA has distinguished itself as one of the largest and most highly respected independent design firms in North Carolina.

HDA consists of a staff of interior designers and interior architects all with proven experience. The firm's designs are not formula driven.  Each project is treated as a new canvas to ensure that your project will have its own individual character.  We work within the framework of our client's demographic location, schedule and budget to provide you with a design that fulfills your needs. 

Whether your environment involves interior architecture, finishes, and/or furnishings, our team of designers provides comprehensive and strategic design solutions, project and change management, and coordination for every project. We recognize and embrace client collaboration throughout the duration of the project. Every project is assigned an experienced project manager who will follow the project from beginning to end.

Each year HDA plans and designs over 1,000,000 square feet of corporate, commercial, healthcare and educational spaces. HDA serves not only the North Carolina Triad, but works throughout the state, eastern and southeastern states. We dedicate ourselves to our clients, and it is our goal is to work effectively with them wherever they have a presence.

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